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狗万怎么买彩票Shengsi county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the only carrier in the county have distinct characteristics and advantages of combining Chinese and western medicine diagnosis and treatment of secondary c hospital, the hospital has always adhere to the features of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese and western medicine, pay equal attention to play to the characteristics of college as the main line, attaches great importance to the talent and discipline construction. Open hospital existing staff 77 people, 20 beds, mainly runs acupuncture and massage, Chinese medicine, anorectal, orthopedics, pediatrics, western medicine, surgery and other clinical departments, clinical laboratory, radiology, ecg B ultrasonic room and other medical departments, with automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic blood count meter, automatic urine analyzer, color doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument, X-ray digital imaging, automatic fumigation device, automatic traction bed, rehabilitation fields such advanced medical equipment.

In 2006 and was named the garden in the town of city community health service centers, community health station, governs the sands main building five responsibility team, mainly to undertake garden in the town of shahe, newcomb, coastal communities, the east China sea, sands (except pillars) of basic public health services, new plan immunization clinic in 2009, bear garden city epi work.

Acupuncture and massage for our key development department, the main application of acupuncture and moxibustion, dial jar therapy, massage and other traditional and modern traction bed, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation physiotherapy equipment such as integrated bed in treatment of cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, waist and leg pain, lumbar disc, stroke sequela, facial paralysis, lumbar spine, chronic incurable diseases such as infantile diarrhea, night terrors.

Internal medicine of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of chronic diseases, give full play to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine health care keeping in good health, especially to the respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, gynecology and other chronic diseases such as chronic bronchitis, chronic colitis, protracted hepatitis, chronic liver disease, diabetes, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammation and chronic cholecystitis, cholelith disease, kidney, ureter stone has a unique curative effect. The traditional paste combined with the mixed paste to guide the healthy crowd winter supplements, enhance immunity, independent and characteristic.

Bone traumatology department internal and external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine dialectical treatment, is highlighted, manual reduction, small splint external fixation; And open a gout, specialized subject of traditional Chinese medicine in 2010, regularly invited Shanghai combine traditional Chinese and western medicine hospital chief physician Dr Cao Ye people visit, the attending vascular disease, gout, rheumatism, incurable diseases such as diabetes disease foot

Anus bowel division to carry out the internal external hemorrhoid and mixed hemorrhoid, anal fissure, anal fistula, anal abscess, rectal polyp surgery, at the same time, combined with traditional Chinese medicine to wash, enema, bureau of sealing method in the treatment of anal hidden steamed corn-bread and anus Sao Xiang disease, anus temperature rash, constipation, chronic colitis, invited the zhoushan Fang Shanguang fractures united hospital chief physician once a month on a regular basis to carry out the operation complexity anorectal disease.

Pediatric use "infantile asthma elimination cream" push apply back acupuncture point treatment of infantile asthma, more than 10 years of vulnerable children. Mainly for the relief of pediatric chronic disease, common disease, frequently-occurring disease diagnosis and treatment. In our hospital diagnosis and treatment of primary physician: Kang Yayuan (deputy chief physician), Lin Yuan of doctor of vice director of the physician.

Ent with Shanghai ent hospital experts once a month regularly otolaryngology of diagnosis and treatment of common disease, frequently-occurring disease, and vocal cord polyp and nasal polyps, tonsil excision surgery, 2014, a new medical endoscope system, mainly used in the nose, throat, ear etc.

Hospitals adhere to the people-oriented, adhering to the big love practice, teacher health, sentiment for the people's hospital school training, at the same time of strengthening the construction of worker political thought and the enhancement, soluble cast hospital spirit, cultivate "courtyard has advantages, features, who have expertise in" the direction of, firmly establish a "your health, our wish" concept, perfecting the service method, improve the service skills, for the island people were "high quality, convenient, efficient and low consumption" with distinctive features of traditional Chinese medicine health service.