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狗万提现快狗万怎么买彩票狗万iOS版Shengsi county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the only carrier in the county have distinct characteristics and advantages of combining Chinese and western medicine diagnosis and treatment of secondary c hospital, the hospital has always adhere to the features of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese and western medicine, pay equal attention to play to the characteristics of college as the main line, attaches great importance to the talent and discipline construction. Open hospital existing staff 77 people, 20 beds, mainly runs acupuncture and massage, Chinese medicine, anorectal, orthopedics, pediatrics, western medicine, surgery and other clinical departments, clinical laboratory, radiology, ecg B ultrasonic room and other medical departments, with automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic blood count meter, automatic urine analyzer, color doppler ultrasound diagnostic instrument, X-ray digital imaging, automatic fumigation device, automatic traction bed, rehabilitation fields such advanced medical equipment. Details>>

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